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The Latest High Quality Telephone System

VeRBL allows you to choose telephone systems from leading brand names, including Australia’s most popular IP Phone system in the ‘SME’ sector. You can use your own ‘outside lines’, or we can supply them using Tier 1 Carriers, which ensures the reliability of your total service. Your phone system solution can also be integrated with very competitive ‘outside line’ plans, which will usually enable you to ‘slash your phone bills’ as well! Choose from a casual low call rate plan, or ones that also include most outgoing calls. The choice is yours!

Latest Telephone System Features

Why not use the ‘hot’ new system features that can help transform the way you do business: 
  • Fully functional ‘remote’ extension phone(s) at your branch or home office
  • Make your smartphone an ‘extension’ of the office system, providing ultimate flexibility
  • Voicemail messages emailed to your own email account 
  • Multiple sites can be ‘networked’ together for seamless call distribution and call transfers
  • ‘Click-to-Call’ to easily make calls from a phone number on your computer screen
  • Simple ‘unified communications’ that can make your business workflow so much easier
  • Multi-party audio and video conferencing through the system eliminates the need for expensive third party conferencing services, plus desk-top applications like Collaboration with work colleagues
  • Instant messaging between extensions
  • Visual voicemail for easy voicemail management – all on the one platform

Experienced Technical Backup

It has never been more important than now to make sure that your telephone system supplier has experienced technical backup to come out to site when needed to support your system. Avoid any supplier that does not have any technical assistance available for on-site assistance. They will expect you or your staff to perform any on-site requirements, which will severely disadvantage your business. Use our 30+ years of experience to your advantage, and remember — once your VeRBL system is installed, you have a 30 day free trial to make sure you’re completely happy with your decision (some conditions apply).

No More Long Phone Queues

We’ve all been through it before: you just need to make a quick enquiry or have a problem resolved, but end up wasting what feels like half your life in a phone queue just to speak to someone who may, or may not even be able to help you resolve your issue. Wouldn’t it just be nice to be able to get through quickly and speak to your own account manager who speaks your language, and has the experience and knowledge to assist with all your ongoing queries? We guarantee that whenever you call us at VeRBL, your calls will always be answered by one of our Australian-based staff members, and even during busy periods, any waiting time is always minimised.

We Come To You

To make it easy for you to obtain the best result, one of our experienced consultants can call out to your premises to discuss your requirements, obligation free. You’ll end up with the system and features that best suit your business - whether that's a 'premises-based' or a 'Hosted (cloud)' solution. They’ll probably be able to slash your phone bills as well - even with your existing outside line setup! Once our experienced technicians install your new system, we’ll provide you with a 30 day free trial to ensure you are completely happy with all aspects before you are fully committed. Don’t wait — get started today!

How to Make a Start

Simply click here for the 9 Easy Steps to Choose Your Next Business Phone System
Maintenance of devices by experts

Experience the benefits of simplified business telecoms and contact VeRBL today.

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