SIP Trunks

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Latest Digital Outside Lines

SIP Trunks are a digital voice technology that uses a data network to send and receive voice phone calls. They are the modern digital technology that is now replacing the old digital ‘ISDN’ (BRI and PRI) and ‘PSTN’ (analogue) outside phone lines. Now, with everyone eventually being converted to the NBN, SIP Trunks are the preferred technology that everyone needs to convert to for phone calls usage on same. The increased available bandwidth provides for a very reliable, high quality voice service. VeRBL can help you to take full advantage of this new technology.

About SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks provide extra flexibility by providing the following:
  • Lower line rental and call costs
  • Complete phone number portability — keep your existing numbers, no matter where you go
  • Built-in redundancy with failover to another phone number available on most services
  • Ultimate flexibility with call routing
  • High quality digital voice transmissions
  • Make your Telecom cost very predictable by asking about our SIP Call Plans that include your calls.

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