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How to Switch Your Business to the National Broadband Network ('NBN')

Switching your business to the NBN is about much more than just faster, more reliable Internet - it is also being introduced to replace the ageing Copper Wire infrastructure that has been used up until now to provide most outside phone lines, as well as the internet broadband services. The ‘copper wire infrastructure’ referred to above, is simply the telephone cables that originate at your local Telephone Exchange, and eventually terminate in your premises from the street. VeRBL has a range of plans and the right expertise to ensure you have a smooth NBN changeover.

What about our outside Phone lines?

When you convert to the NBN, you will also need your existing outside phone lines replaced with outside lines being provided via the new NBN service. Therefore, when considering your move to the NBN, you need to realise that the amount your supplier is charging for the NBN ‘data’ service is really only part of the story.

'SIP Trunks' are used to provide telephone voice services over the NBN. There is also an outside phone line or two available via the NBN box that is installed to your premises, however most businesses usually require more outside lines than can be provided via this method, and the SIP Trunks are much more economic to use and provide more features.

How is the NBN provided?

The new NBN service will mostly be provided via optic fibre, which is much less vulnerable to the weather than the older technology, making it inherently much more reliable. The other ways that the NBN may be provided to you include via a wireless service, satellite, or a combination including some use of the old copper cables for the last section to your premises. Once the NBN is installed and completed in your area, there will be a 'transition' period ( usually a minimum of 6 months) where both the existing and the new NBN system will be available and usable. After the expiry of this 'transition' period, the copper wire infrastructure will be disconnected and later physically removed - so it is important to note that there is no 'Do nothing' option once the NBN is in your area.


Can I use my existing office Phone System when we convert to the NBN?
There are a number of factors that will determine the answer to this question. Some later models should be okay to use with the new outside phone line technology. Most older systems can also be used with the addition of a special adapter, although there are many good reasons to consider replacing your system depending on your ongoing needs. You can still have a phone system fully controlled and located at your offices, or there are also ‘hosted’ (‘cloud’) systems available as well, where the main ‘brains’ of the system is located off-site — usually at your supplier’s premises.
Can we keep our existing phone numbers?
In most instances we are able to arrange for you to retain your existing phone numbers.
What other services/items will be affected?
In essence, anything else that uses a phone line will be affected in some way. In most instances this will include faxes, EFTPOS terminals and most monitored security systems. Some adjustments to your data services may also be required.
Will we need to change our Modem/Routers?
Some existing Routers can be used with the NBN, however many will need to be replaced.
We access our office data network ‘remotely’ – will we still be able to do this?
This will still be possible, however some small changes to some settings will need to be completed.
Will we be able to retain our existing Email addresses?
This will depend largely on how you operate with your emails, but usually this can be accommodated.
How do we ensure that we have a smooth changeover?
There is a significant amount of planning that needs to go into making the change to the NBN a smooth one. We can assist you with our ‘NBN Site Audit’ assessment to check what needs doing at your premises and to make sure you are fully ready for the move to the NBN. If you wish, we can work directly with your other suppliers where needed to ensure any changes needed are completed in a timely manner. Remember: there is no ‘Do Nothing’ option once the NBN is in your area, ask us how to obtain your ‘NBN Site Audit’ for FREE so that your company can make a hassle-free change-over.
After the changeover, will my internet and phone bills be higher or lower?
In most cases this will depend largely on which NBN agent that you use, but mostly there will be an overall reduction in your total expenditure. SIP Trunk monthly service charges are usually much less than the old ‘PSTN’ and ‘ISDN’ outside lines, and the call charges are also usually very competitive. All VeRBL plans allow you to have all your Internet and Phone line charges included on the one bill, and with Industry-leading call rates as well, you’ll soon be ‘slashing your phone bills’! An example of a comparable expenditure change to the NBN is listed below:
Now: 4 ‘outside’ lines and a DSL service = approx. $190 per month (plus GST and calls).
Change to NBN and Lines through VeRBL: 4 x SIP Trunk ‘outside’ lines and a 250GB Data NBN (25/5Mbps speed) = $114 per month (plus GST and calls) –- a considerable saving!

I can’t wait for the NBN! What can I do?
If your business needs a better broadband service, but there’s no sign of the NBN in your area, there are still options available to have either Optic Fibre or other Broadband services that will greatly improve your service until the NBN arrives.
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